2021 "Intertwining, the story of the human being", Yacht Club Porto Rotondo, Porto Rotondo , Italy

2021 "Legàmi", Scoobafish Art Gallery, San Pant aleo, Italy

2020 "In search of unstable equilibrium", Poltu Quatu, Arzachena, Italy

2019 "Resistenze", Palazzo del'Emiciclo, L'Aquila, Italy

2016 "Hidden Truths", de Chirico foundation, Rome, Italy


2016, "For Art", Artissima 2016, MITT Museum, Turin, Italy

2017, "The Nuance Of Dreams", Sale del Bramante, Rome, Italy.

2017, Anima et Corpus, OnArt Gallery, Florence, Italy.

2018, "STOP", CAD, Creativity Art Design, Palazzo Saluzzo, Genoa, Italy.

2018, "Palermo International Art Award", Biondo Theater, Palermo, Italy.

2018, "Art Shopping Carrousel du Luovre, Louvre, Paris, France.

2018, "International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Flanders", Oud Sint Jan Museum, Bruges, Belgium.

2019, "Pop So Surreal Liberation", Hassler Hotel, Rome, Italy.

2019, "Excellence Award", Palazzo Velli, Rome, Italy.

2019, "Artisti '19" WATT 37, Milan, Italy.

2019, MEAM "Excellence Award", Palazzo Gomis, Barcelona, Spain.

2019, "Art Expo Mantova", Francesco Gonzaga Museum, Mantua, Italy.

2019, "Excellence Award", Thuilliers Gallery, Paris, France.

2019, "Culture Identity Award", Civic Theater, La Spezia, Italy.

2019, "Progetto Artisti MAG", Life Art Gallery, Battipaglia, Italy.

2019, "Call to the Art", CNA, L'Aquila, Italy.

2020, "Le quai des Artistes", Vecchia Darsena, Porto Rotondo, Italy.

2020, "The Art of Helping", charity exhibition, L'Aquila, Italy.

2020, "Mini Gold", Venice art Gallery, Venice, Italy.

2021, "Biennale di Firenze", Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy.