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In chapter IV we can admire the works of the so-called spring.

In the "Resitenze" catalog, written on the occasion of the homonymous exhibition of the artist, Marina Mattei, who edited the critical texts with Monica Di Paola, he writes:

"The term spring probably derives from prima plus a term that is formed from the root vos, from the meaning of ardent, shining. It has therefore passed to indicate the first season that distinguishes a year and which is recognized as a period of rebirth and resurrection preparatory to the 'even more ardent summer season.

In the ancient world this was a particularly important moment for rebirth, and for what Christians will be Easter it was the first true, a rite, the beginning in which the public vow of consecration to the gods of all births was expressed. following spring.

Therefore, when we speak of spring, we mean an initial age, which implies evolution, harvesting of fruit and fecundity. "

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