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In chapter III the reflection on man and the essence of life takes shape in the pictorial expression of Giacco.

Humanity laid bare, in its earthly and material nature, loses the shape of the mannequin to show the flesh of man, therefore we are faced with a complete metamorphosis, the artist has welcomed his own materiality, expressed by her with the wooden mannequin, to accept it and overcome it. The time has come for reflection, a reflection aimed at looking inside if in order to find the energy suitable for rebirth and spiritual ascent, a reflection, which beyond everything, always remains bound to the superstructures that the universe imposes, the ropes, a symbolic element to which the artist associates the superstructures of the cosmos, will increasingly become the center of investigation of his speculation. Works that go beyond the purely figurative aspect, do not photograph objects or subjects but conditions, moods, mechanisms, actions and reactions. His thought comes from the meditation on the relationship between man and the universe, meaning the universe as the curtain of life proper to each individual.

Try to understand how much the individual can be an active subject in determining his own essence and in the choices that condition and determine his life. Man as an entity that continuously filters and discretizes the inputs he receives, actively choosing which solicitations to respond to, man as a passive entity in his apparently free choice but concretely conditioned by the universe he inhabits. Hence the restlessness of the individual, conscious or unconscious, which derives from his dual active and passive nature; trepidation that leads him to react systematically most of the time following universal behavioral automatisms. Each subject projects his own state into the universe and captures an individual objectivity from the universe itself. Man is therefore subject to determine himself in physical and temporal space, moved by the prevailing inclination of the moment, thus affirming his eclectic nature and thus defining his life in the making. The investigation into the versatile nature of the individual together with life in the making becomes the keystone of his pictorial reflection.


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