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-Le quai des Artistes , Porto Rotondo-
"L'approdo degli Artisti" an exhibition of contemporary art which will see, from 18.00 to 24.00, between the streets and squares of the village, the exhibition of the works of 30 artists unfolding in an open-air artistic itinerary. supported by some pioneers of Porto Rotondo, the village born in 1964 from the intuition of the Venetian counts Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose, passionate about art.
curator Aldo Manzanares.
-Resistances, Hemicycle Palace, L'Aquila-
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the L'Aquila earthquake, it seems to be able to find strength and memory, thanks to the strong message that culture and expressly art transmit.
Exhibition curated by Monica Di Paola, with a contribution by Marina Mattei.
International Biennial of Flanders - Oud Sint Jan Museum, Brugge -

The artist Emanuela Giacco will be presented with her works by the critic Sandro Serradifalco with artistic supervision by the curator Amedeo Arena.

- Art Shopping-Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris -

The artist Emanuela Giacco will be presented with her works by the curator and art advisor Loreta Larkina

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Presentation of a pictorial cycle.

Presentation of the Works by Prof. Paolo Picozza, reviewed by Katherine Robinson.

Wrong answers.
Concealed answers.
Fearful responses
anxious, painful answers
fearful, anxious, painful, indecisive
imprecise, uncertain, fearful, detailed.
Indignant answers
superb in deciphering the spell
of an alchemical decoction of dew,
distilled from a schizophrenic fairy.

Emanuela Giacco,

February / 2015.

painter's verse
-Art, the only fake that holds the unconscious truth-
emanuela giacco
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