16.06.22- 28.07.22, Galleria Borghini Arte, via Belsiana, 92, Rome.

Galleria Borghini Arte Contemporanea inaugurates Naturalight, the protagonists of this double solo show are Vittorio Campana ed Emanuela Giacco. Two artists who investigate nature with two different languages. Exhibition curated by Tamara Borghini and Marta Banci.

Emanuela Giacco uses recovered tops for her installations, her research has an existentialist matrix. The top as a symbol of the bonds that are part of the existence of each person. The bonds as individual bonds.
In his works he emphasizes the complexity of the human being made by the stratification of genetic, moral and cultural codes and refers to the dual nature of all those bonds that the human being experiences in the course of his own existence.

The interweaving as guardian of the active and passive nature of each individual and the interweaving of knots as the representation of the "I" of each individual that reconnects to the "Whole". The summit as a driving element in the path of nature that comes from nature and becomes a central theme, also embracing the world of sustainability. The textile sculptures thus enclose the synthesis of his research: existentialism, universe, nature and sustainability. 


23.10.21- 01.11.21, Fortezza da Basso, Florence.

The theme of the XIII edition of the Florence Biennale focuses on the polychrome and multiform universe of femininity, which will be investigated in its many facets, starting from two major guidelines.
On the one hand, the idea that outlines femininity in its immutable essence, which has inspired various of the most important artistic and literary creations in the history of humanity and which unravels from the primordial cult of the Great Mother up to the famous Beatrice of Dante Alighieri and Johann Wolfgang Goethe's "Femineo eterno" (ie the Eternal Feminine): the idea of femininity as a reflection of divinity, as a spiritual love that crosses the boundaries of time, as a source of purification and elevation, and as a strength of the universe that forms and holds everything.
On the other hand, the idea of perennial change that characterizes the contemporary world and that also affects femininity, which has been transformed and is transformed by the thrust of social and cultural movements such as those that have developed around feminisms and communities LGBTQ. From the sexual revolution of the 1960s to the battles for equal opportunities, up to the debate on gender identities, there are countless stimuli that have led to a redefinition of the concept of femininity, increasing its complexity and multidimensionality even more.

IN UN SOFFIO SOAVE - ACRILICO SI TELA - 80X180 CM -2021_edited.jpg

10.08.21- 31.08.21, Yatch Club of Porto Rotondo, Molo di Levante, 07026, Porto Rotondo, SS  

In August Giacco's textile sculptures will be hosted by the Yatch Club of Porto Rotondo, in collaboration with the Canova gallery.


The inspiration that leads to the definition of Giacco's textile sculptures was born in Sardinia, from the observation of the gesture of a sailor who, in handling the ropes, imprinted on them vigor and at the same time love. The project is linked to a double theme: environmental, providing for the use of peaks that are abandoned and historical, the use of peaks already lived brings with it the history and scents of sea travel.

The art of sailing, fishing, love for the sea is transposed into the top object and then takes on a new life in works of art that carry their experience with them.

Thus was born the dialogue in the Yacht Club headquarters, to celebrate the meeting of the different worlds of art that thus find a union. 

The peaks of Giacco hold the mystery of life, they are ropes that carry with them all our past, they tell about our bonds and the superstructures we undergo but at the same time they are bridges for our desires and for our future, all in one . 

00 jpg HD Giacco2021-105q.jpg
00 jpg HD Giacco2021-19 q.jpg

09.07.21- 15.07.21, Scoobafish Art Gallery, via Maddalena 3, 07026, San Pantaleo, SS  

logo sardegna.png

The Scoobafish Art Gallery presents Emanuela Giacco's exhibition entitled Legami, critical texts by Giuditta Elettra Lavinia Nidiaci. With the inauguration on Friday 9 July, the dialogue between Giacco's works opens with the works of Maurizio Sergiusti, artist as well as owner of the gallery. An event aimed at stimulating a constructive confrontation in which the issues are addressed from different perspectives.


Following the words of Giuditta Elettra Lavinia Nidiaci


“We could be walking around in any city, with the heat, hand in hand and I should notice your sad smile and then give you a kiss or take your face and make you make a face that mimics the joy. You would smile and my wish for happiness for you would be fulfilled. The truth is that I like your sad smiles, because they look good to you, because you know how to treat them, you know how to use them and put them in line without breaking ranks. If I did it, it would be painful.This is the point: I think and desire new things. It doesn't matter what I know. For the first time, it doesn't matter. I don't know where they come from or what they are called and I couldn't explain them to anyone except you, with a little time, with a little pause, with those silences that I couldn't fill at the beginning. But I could learn. I'm a bad romantic, I admit. That's why I couldn't make you fall in love. I know it is. I figured that I could be enough, with my normal ways and a swashbuckling air. Faithfully safe. And time, to explain what is missing, to show you that it would be worth it in the end. I tried, what to say, to make me choose. I hoped. I had to. It was a possibility, do you understand? How to put it away, to forget it. Maybe waiting, maybe it wasn't the time. Maybe you and I have another time. I'm sure with a few more days, now more, I would have taken you away with me. It's the idea that it happens at least once, isn't it? You know? That invasive and subterranean idea that sinks or reveals itself and does it once and for all and if you feel it you can't ignore it if you have some sense. Like a floating and sinuous hiss. This happened to me: I couldn't pretend nothing happened, I didn't want to, after all. I could not help but try to take you with me, from the depths, almost out of selfishness, to make me feel good. Even though I knew I couldn't. Even if it was risky. Even if you don't want to, even if, ultimately, your happiness doesn't depend on me. And I can't help but ask you again. Just to be sure. Would you come? "

(From Italo Calvino, Before you say "Hello", 1985)



Legàmi is a noun that gives us back and embodies the idea of ​​the feelings that lie in the Hyperuranium without an apparent pragmatic confirmation. Légami is a verb conjugated to the imperative, a command with which the intention to live and enjoy a feeling is often manifested. The sculptures modeled by Emanuela Giacco for Scoobafish Art Gallery, through intertwined ropes now bending to a rigid order now following an entropic chaos, easily suggest the intent of the same to convey a pulsating energy, to be the connector of an ideal visual inspiration. . The title of the exhibition, as well as the modus and medium that allowed the realization of the works, have in themselves the self-evident reference to the textures that materially make up the fabric, and therefore, in a figurative sense, to the cooperation between the artist and his public. , who through their mutual interaction, operate and discover a reinterpretation of both the artist's person and a particular social fabric, which goes beyond the usual context of sector expertisers. Here, as Gino De Dominicis asserted, it is not only the work that is exposed to the public, but it is also the latter that is exposed to the work. Works, those of Emanuela Giacco, which present a close reciprocal correlation, not only for modus and medium, which repeat and follow each other, of realization of the same: the alpha and omega of the project all merge and synthesize in the large ball of a black cosmic, it is in fact from there that everything flows and flows together as for an archetypal ideal, which also turns its gaze to the previous pictorial poetics of the artist.

Screenshot_20210715-142322_Instagram (1).jpg

08.08.20- 29.08.20, Spargi Room, Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu, 07021, Arzachena

logo sardegna.png
grand hotel Poltu quatu logo.jpg

It is with a personal exhibition curated and presented by Sabrina La leggia that Emanuela in the summer of 2020 is being discovered at Poltu Quatu. In the heart of the Costa Smeralda in a "particular" summer the artist sends a signal of courage and strength, we are in fact in the midst of the pandemic caused by the Sars-Cov 2 virus which has drastically frozen our lives. Following the words of Sabrina La Leggia.

"Nothing is created; Nothing is destroyed"

It is the law that identified Lavoisier, the scientist who in the eighteenth century was the initiator of modern chemistry. The works of the artist Emanuela Giacco suggest a poetic evolution of this scientific rule: Metamorphosis, Sulle corde del Destino, L'Eterno scalare, Il Burattinaio, Presenza Absenza, Absence Presence, Reflection, Inside, Outside, The grasp of Silence , Gesture of Intellect, Behind the Face I, Behind the Face II, The Abduction of Proserpina, Morale of the Individual, Alchemy.00, Alchemy.01, Alchemy.Throne and Alchemy.in Gold. The point is the fusion between the spiritual and physical world, between human and virtual, between the artist's narrated bodies and space in time.

In this exhibition, Emanuela observes a contemporary universe in which the connection between human beings is so close that their freedom is difficult. Bodies in constant metamorphosis, are trapped by tight ropes, in an impossible search for "unstable balances". The story, which is anything but linear, is unstructured, as are its bodies and the images of the iconography of Christ.

Great names of the past are the masters who inspired Giacco: Magritte, Dali and Balthus.

Each of them studied the relationship between human nature and time in a personal and rigorous way, giving Emanuela ideas and teaching her a lot.

The entire exhibition is a narration on the genesis and evolution of the human being.

One of the most interesting artists of her generation, Emanuela Giacco, works with clarity and a critical sense on an investigation into universal themes linked to the psychological effects of human relationships. The theme is exactly this, human frailty and Emanuela puts it into action before our eyes, involving us immediately.

fe0a495b-bb26-4711-b0d6-487c0bdd087a (1)
_DSC6933.JPG (1).jpg
_DSC7151.JPG (1).jpg

01.08.20, square of the Old Dock, Porto Rotondo

Le quai des artistes _invito.jpg


Saturday, 1 August 2020, the fourth edition of "PortoRotondo Le Quai des Artistes" is presented, the landing place of the Artists, an exhibition of contemporary art that will see, from 18.00 to 24.00, between the streets and squares of the village, the exhibition of works by 30 artists unfold in an open-air artistic itinerary, offering art lovers and visitors a showcase on contemporary art and artistic trends in Sardinia. The appointment is supported by some pioneers of Porto Rotondo, the village born in 1964 from the intuition of the Venetian counts Luigi and Nicolò Donà dalle Rose, passionate about art. For them, the wild landscape and compatible architecture were at the heart of the development of the village. The mimesis of nature becomes the means by which architecture appropriates natural models to create works that equal beauty in an eternal challenge, just as Art does in its vanity in search of beauty. The artists, selected on the basis of their artistic paths, will be present with their works, mirror of their souls. A jury, composed of Count Luigi Donà dalle Rose, Mrs Pai Hruska, the sculptor Emmanuel Chapalain, Sabrina La Leggia, and the curator of the exhibition Aldo Manzanares, will have the task of choosing the winning artist of the fourth edition of “PortoRotondo Le Quai des Artistes ". Giacco wins the first prize which she receives excited by the hands of the Count. Giacco's work chosen by the Jury, Alchemy. Trhone, will then be exhibited in the new and prestigious "Porto Rotondo Art Gallery", partner of the event, in Piazza San Marco. The artist was honored by Mrs. Pai Hruska with a sculpture by Claus Joans, an auspicious $, delivered by the president of the natural shopping center Marcello Lombardo, organizer of the event.


01.12.19 to 04.12.19, Exhibition Center, L'Aquila


A dynamic path in which the visions and interpretations of the masterful work of thought that turns into art are told.

Inside the prestigious Palazzo dell'Emiciclo will be exhibited from 1 to 4 December, the works of 15 bearers of professionalism in an open comparison with new companies and reference markets.

An event aimed at promoting the excellence of the territory.

"Craftsmanship and design, the value of the cultural brand, in the four interactive days designed for and with the territory: a combination of creative insights and practical skills, focusing on all the tools necessary for the enhancement of manual expressiveness and cultural production" , explains Agostino Del Re, director of Cna L'Aquila.


21.10.19 to 26.10.19, Life Art Gallery, Battipaglia

immag. MAG.jpg


A network of Galleries, throughout the Italian territory, have been implementing a policy for years by breaking down the barriers of use and opening up to the new global market with two offices in the States, in Miami and New York, in Italy in Padua, Milan, Parma, Lecce, Rome and Battipaglia are the spaces dedicated to the project with activities of Galleries of excellence used as a multiplier of the artist's voice and a new way to give value to their works, Italian filmography, with films that can tell the artist, or simply one of his works definitively breaking down the barriers to understanding contemporary art, clearing the artist's images and consecrating him through a new and universal medium. The project for the enhancement of Italian art and its artists, in constant search of the art that tells our time, will start, as regards 2019, from the LIfe Art Gallery with a first exhibition in which the works of a hundreds of artists selected by the MAG scientific committee.

Brochure CULTURAIDENTITA_Pagina_04.jpg
47_la primavera.jpg

05.07.19, Civic Theater, La Spezia

The precious recognition, reserved for the most important interpreters of contemporary art in the painting, sculpture and photography sections, will see the presence of some of the most significant names in the field of culture such as Angelo Crespi, Edoardo Sylos Labin, Luna Berlusconi and Giusy Versace and will awarded on the occasion of the Culture and Identity Festival on 5 July at the historic Civic Theater of La Spezia.

Brochure CULTURAIDENTITA_Pagina_01.jpg

from 08.06.19 to 16.06.19, Gonzaga Museum, Mantua


The Mantua Biennial of Contemporary Art is an event designed to involve the most important artistic expressions in a large international meeting.

From 8 to 16 June the world of art meets in the historic Gonzaga Museum to celebrate the work of the most valuable contemporary artists, encourage the international market by involving visitors in new and interesting fruitive experiences.

Sandro Serradifalco will curate the event with the collaboration of artistic and editorial consultants including Rino Lucia, Serena Carlino and Barbara Romeo, the foreign section will be curated by Francesco Saverio Russo and Salvatore Russo, while the critical direction is by Paolo Levi.

The event will also see some well-known art critics from Italy such as Daverio, Rebuzzi and Sgarbi.

The event will begin on 8 June in the historic Gonzaga Museum with the inauguration ceremony, while on 9 June the Lectio Magistralis by Philippe Daverio will take place at the Teatro Sociale in Mantua.

The artist will be present with a significant work belonging to the so-called Primanvera cycle.

The works present will then be evaluated by prof. Levi and Published in the relative Exhibition Catalog.

The work on display, entitled "Morale dell'Individuo", was selected andawarded by the critical commission from among the works of over 400 artists present.

Brochure Mantova Artexpo ()_Pagina_07a.j
Brochure Mantova Artexpo logo.jpg
Brochure Mantova Artexpo ()_Pagina_06.jp
48- morale dell'individuo.jpg
Brochure Mantova Artexpo ()_Pagina_07b.j
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7556.jpg
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7763.jpg
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7544.jpg

from 29.03.19 to 3.04.19, Palazzo dell'Emiciclo, L'Aquila

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the L'Aquila earthquake , it seems to be able to find strength and memory, thanks to the strong message that culture and expressly art transmit.

Resistenze is an exhibition that sees two artists from L'Aquila performers who, with different experiences and having had national and international recognition and training, question themselves on the process of reworking pain, and try to tell with images, not only the sufferings and losses, but above all what it is possible to find, through paths that are those of knowledge, of the interior life, but also those of nature and confrontation with events. From the first three sections, destiny, pain and reflection, we arrive at spring, still understood as the preparation of an awakening.

With different techniques, in formats ranging from very large to small, Giacco and Serpetti expose the symbols that embody these processes: destiny is the rope or the mannequin, pain is physical but it is also fear and inability to foresee nature and ambushes.

How to get out of predestination from pain.

Man does not know, but he can close himself and reflect, so the images of the exhibition become solitary heroes closed in on themselves, guardians or warriors. Resistance is renewal, waking up in spring, after visiting unknown and underground places and having recovered a new strength.

The eye ranges between colors that are sometimes bright and strong, sometimes fade and soften. The different techniques, as well as the stylistic rendering, give the exhibition a particular incisiveness, as if, by descending into these paths of resistance and fear, the vision is confused, seeking in the painting an optimal description for the emotion. The exhibition is promoted by the NOT TO BE Cultural Association in collaboration with the Concentus Serafino Aquilano Music Association, which supported the event, which anticipates the events scheduled for the tenth anniversary, which expressly looked to two young local artists by birth, but open to multiple Italian and international experiences, in order to create public and private collaboration for the benefit of culture. The prestigious seat of the Hemicycle Palace , made available by the Abruzzo region, and the far-sightedness of public institutions, are combined with the efforts of partners and supporters, so that an event of resonance is created, not only at the territorial level, but able to to attract an audience of collectors and lovers of culture, to make circuit, network and dissemination.The exhibition is curated by Monica Di Paola, with a contribution by Marina Mattei, accompanied by a catalog edited by Monica Di Paola and Marina Mattei.


Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7513.jpg
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7567.jpg
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7562.jpg
Alberto Blasetti Ph.-7815.jpg

from 28.03.19 to 30.03.19, Milan

In March 2019 from 28 to 30 March we will find her with her works at the Spazio Espositivo WATT 37 in Milan On the occasion of the presentation of the volume ARTISTI '19, International Yearbook of Contemporary Art with the most important Italian critics and art historians such as Luca Beatrice, Angelo Crespi, Philippe Daverio, Paolo Levi, Vittorio Sgarbi and Edoardo Sylos Labini, Art Now edition in collaboration with Mondadori Store , in which it will be published.


from 27.02.19 to 02.03.19, Palazzo Velli, Rome

from 4 to 8 April 2019, MEAM European Museum of Arts,

Gomis Palace, Barcelona


from 15 to 27 June 2019, Thuilliers Gallery, Paris

On the occasion of the European Excellence Award of the Arts , signed by the art critic Paolo Levi , starting from February 2019 the artist will be present with the video exhibition of some works in three important events. The artistic tour which will start in February in the heart of Rome at Palazzo Velli, will then continue in the MEAM Museum at Palazzo Gomis in Barcelona and will end in June in Paris at the Thuilliers Gallery. Three prestigious venues will therefore host the work of a selected number of artists, whose commitment is proof of the value of Italian creativity in the world.


Invito Eccellenze Europee  () (1).jpg
Invito Eccellenze Europee  () (1).jpg

21.02.19, Hassler, Rome

On February 21, in the evocative setting of Trinità dei Monti , in particular in the halls of the prestigious Hassler Hotel, the opening of the exhibition SO POP SO SURREAL LIBERATION is celebrated in which we find the artist Emanuela Giacco with the works chosen by the curator of art Eileen Contreras.

Event sponsored by the Lazio Region and the Municipality of Rome Center.

big_Trinita dei Monti.jpg
la Stretta del Silenzio_modificato_modif
IMG_20181110_205508 (1).jpg

In November 2018, the world of art meets in Bruges. In the heart of the city, the Flanders International Biennial of Contemporary Art will be hosted in the rooms of the Oud Sint Jan Museum - Xpo Center Bruges, an event designed to involve numerous artistic experiences in a great world rave. A partnership that will tell a significant cross-section of the current international artistic panorama through the sensitivity and languages ​​of valid contemporary artists. The artist Emanuela Giacco will be presented in the exhibition section from 10 to 14 November. Artistic direction by the critic Sandro Serradifalco with artistic supervision by the curator Amedeo Arena.


biennale fiandre.jpg

from 19.10.18 to 21.10.18, Paris


Art Shopping, the most anticipated artistic overture of the year, located within a unique historical and cultural environment like that of the Louvre, involves emerging contemporary art artists from all over the world. Prominent exponents of the new international artistic realities who exhibit their most appreciated works in a context that exudes creativity. Carrousel du Louvre, does not only provide for the exhibition of the works, but is in effect an art fair where emerging artists are involved in a direct sale of their works. The artist Emanuela Giacco will be presented with her works by the curator and art advisor Loreta Larkina .


Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_01.j
Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_04.j

In the year in which Palermo is elected Italian capital of culture, the first edition of the ARTE PALERMO International Award is announced.
Palermo Capital of Culture 2018 means repositioning the Mediterranean at the center of the world: a strong and clear message of dialogue, of encounter between the various human nature-cultures with the need to cultivate values in a concrete way and for the common good.

With these premises, the Palermo International Art Award was established, which was created with the aim of promoting and supporting contemporary art.

A unique recognition of its kind, an authentic cultural rave that will feature a limited selection of international artists.

The setting is among the most prestigious, the splendid Teatro Biondo in Palermo.

The 1st Palermo International Art Award will include various sections dedicated to painting, sculpture and photography. For each section some of the most valid national and foreign contemporary interpreters will be selected.

The admitted artists will receive the PALERMO International Art Award .

Present at this important cultural event were the critics Philippe Daverio and Paolo Levi, the publisher Sandro Serradifalco and the director of the “GiornaleOFF” Edoardo Sylos Labini .

Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_09.j
Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_10.j
Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_13.j
Premio Arte Palermo Brochure_Pagina_14.j

Near the headquarters of Gangemi Editore set in the picturesque historic center of the Eternal City, the volume by Dr. Ettore Pasculli entitled A Mare Grande -La “fable mélancholique” in male passions will be presented.
Pre-active and post-factual contributions by
Edvige Gioia, Giancarlo Torroni, Giacobba Brunetti.

The artist Emanuela Giacco , to whom we owe the pictorial narration of the volume, will be present among the speakers dealing with the theme of the "inner journey" that each individual faces, focusing on the tortuous path that leads to truth and trying to identify the matrix of the causes that lead humanity to live in a constant tension between two poles, all making a parallelism between his works and the profound research work of Prof. Pasculli.

The “fable mélancholique” in male passions 08.06.18, 5.00 pm, Rome

event in construction

<< Science is no longer concerned with the physical and material world; moral philosophy has lost the direction of the intelligences; religion still governs the masses in some way, but it does not reign in the highest social spheres; the principle of charity, which inspires it, always exists, but that of faith no longer shines. The intellectual leaders of our times are unbelievers or skeptics, perfectly sincere and loyal, but they doubt their art and look at each other with a smile like Roman wishes. Publicly, privately, they foresee social catastrophes without finding the remedy, or they wrap their dark oracles in cautious euphemisms.

Under these auspices, literature and art have lost their sense of the divine. A large part of the young people, having lost sight of the eternal horizons, turned to what the new masters call naturalism, thus degrading the beautiful name of nature; for what they speak of this word is nothing but the apology of the base instincts, the mud of vice or the complacent painting of our social baseness, in short, the systematic negation of the soul and intelligence. And the poor psyche, having lost its wings, groans and sighs strangely in the depths of the conscience of those who insult and deny it >>

Thus, in 1887, Schurè wrote in the preface of one of his greatest books, current words which unfortunately still seem to describe today's scenario.

Hence the cycle of Hide True works which, like an oxymoron, places the accent on the evils of today, linked to a decidedly winning materiality over spirituality, showing the raw face of prevailing materialism as opposed to the divine torch, and thus generating reflection on the path of salvation, loaded with light, faith, energy and trust in human freedom.


from 13.01.18 to 27.01.18, Genoa

In the setting of Palazzo Saluzzo in Genoa, CAD -Creativity Art Design- will be the promoter of the "STOP" exhibition, an art exhibition aimed at acknowledging the most denied but at the same time coveted need of modern society: stopping.

We stop in front of a selection of works of art to observe, to reflect, to absorb, to understand, to meditate, to grasp, to love, to dream ...


Curator and artistic director: Loredana Trestin.


from 16.12.17 to 05.01.18, Florence

"Art is the supreme manifestation of man's power, it is granted to a select few, and raises the elect to a height where the man is gripped by vertigo and it is difficult
keep sanity of mind. In art, as in every struggle, there are heroes who are entirely dedicated to theirs mission, and who perish without reaching their goal ”. Lev Tolstoy.

Curated by Dr. Romina Sangiovanni, Art Director at OnArt Gallery Florence.






from 22.04.17 to 28.04.17, Rome


The artist as being on the edge of existence, halfway between reality and dream to portray every limit ...

this is the theme of the exhibition curated by the art critic and artistic director Rosi Raneri hosted in Rome, at the suggestive Sale del Bramante , once a studio of the distinguished Renaissance architect, leaning against the Aurelian walls, adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo .


16.12.16, Rome

In the evocative panorama of Via dei Tre Orologi in Rome, set in the fairytale rooms of an enchanting period building, Linea Legali Avvocati® sponsors the "Hide True" event , with the presentation of the cycle of works by the artist Emanuela Giacco , linked to the theme of "hidden truths". All colored by the brief greeting of Prof. Paolo Picozza, President of the Giorgio and Isa De Chirico Foundation , and by a welcome aperitif to share impressions and food for thought on the world of modern and contemporary art. Review of the exhibited works written by Katherine Robinson. Participation by invitation.



from 27.10.16 to 12.11.16, Turin

On the occasion of the month of November, for many years now considered the month of contemporary art in Turin, museums, institutions, foundations and fairs are "colored with art".

The MIIT museum, curated by the art historian Guido Folco , director of the monthly "Italia Arte" - dedicated to art, culture and Made in Italy - presents an overview of its artists to collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. best, for talent and style, originality and technique and he does so with the exhibition entitled "FOR ART. Masters at the MIIT Museum".

Quality becomes the protagonist in the works of the artists presented, testifying to how much Italian contemporary art always maintains, in its DNA, an extraordinary peculiarity of uniqueness, harmony, beauty and genius, elements, these internationally recognized, today more than ever.