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In chapter VI Giacco's reflections intertwine and continue to intertwine, as in chapter V, but here we observe the transition to a sculptural material plane in which painting and sculpture interact, making the peaks the protagonists.

Following the verses of Giancarlo Torroni.




in fruitful darkness

moves blind

the primordial cluster:

alchemical breath

point of convergence

motionless travel.


It pulsates

in the warm belly

of shapeless matter,

wormy tangle

of perfumed laces

immortal life

of renewed hugs

from which it broke up

that mortal soul

as from a dark mother

that aggregates and dissolves and hardens

and in a thousand forms it appears

and disappears again

and then reappears

under various auspices

and skies always new and always the same,

in infinite thrusts

of self-propelled coils wound

of aggregate elements.


It pulsates

in this figure

the black heart

of the universe

and it's mine and yours to vanish

for nothing

of eternal time,

minimum frequency

lost in the depths of the cosmos

residue of an event.



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